5 Stats That Will Convince You To Start Blogging for Your Business

blogging stats that will convince you to start blogging for your business

You know that content marketing is something you should be doing.

So, why aren’t you blogging for your business?

We’re at the tail-end of 2015 and everyone who knows anything about marketing knows that blogging for your business is not really optional anymore – it’s a necessity.

You’ve heard about the benefits of having a business blog: increased brand awareness, website traffic, leads, credibility and most importantly, customer trust.

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Not enough? Here are 5 cold-hard stats that will convince you to start blogging for your business.

Stat #1: B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is being able to attract leads, even when you’re not working. How? If you’re putting out valuable content on a regular basis, a prospect has more opportunities to connect with you and this increases your chance of making a sale.

Even your older blog content can get you noticed, especially if they’re evergreen posts (content that continually remains relevant for readers, usually timeless advice) and answer a question that visitors are searching for.

Stat #2: Marketers who prioritize blogging are more likely to get 13X positive ROI.

Your blog content continues to work, long after it’s been published.

Content marketing is the only kind of marketing that compounds ROI – each blog post has the potential to continually attract readers, long after it’s been published (especially if it’s evergreen content). Your reach from this fact along will bring you leads you otherwise wouldn’t have, without the help of advertising and sales.

Stat #3: Consumers are self-educated, long before they decide to reach out to you. 85% of customer relationships will be managed without talking to a human by 2020.

That’s less than 5 years away. I can certainly attest to doing my homework online before reaching out to a business and I’m sure you have too. Having a business blog is one of the easiest ways for potential clients to learn more about your business – you connect with prospects while they’re self-educating online. When you start a business blog, you start to establish trust, authority and ultimately influence the way visitors buy from your business.

Stat #4: Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their websites – because other companies who also want to be helpful and credible will share your content to do so.

Writing reliable, insightful industry news and advice to your readers pays off. Blogging helps establish your reputability online and increases the number of inbound links your website can get. When other companies link to you content, their visitors get sent to your site and it’s a chance to build your own relationship with them.

Stat #5: Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

[tweetthis url=”http://wp.me/p6R74a-28″]Blogs naturally have a personal touch to them and for this reason, they’ve become a trusted source of information.[/tweetthis]

It’s a great opportunity to extend your brand and share a little bit of your personality. If you’re the first to bring industry insight or break industry news, you’ll inherently become more reputable.

Blogging for your business should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. To create the best content, think about what your readers want to read, not necessarily what you want to write. A good place to start is to think of the pain points your potential customers have and how you can answer questions related to those.

If you’ve decided to start a business blog after reading this, congratulations on the smart decision. You won’t regret it. Post frequently, keep a quality blog and you will see the dramatic effect a business blog will have on your marketing efforts.

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Jennee Rasavong

Jennee Rasavong is a content marketer who helps solopreneurs and startups connect with their online audience and shine bright like the awesome brand that they are. She crafts simplified, uncomplicated web content like in-depth blog posts, website copy and email newsletters.

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