Want to Make Writing a Daily Habit? Follow These 6 Simple Steps

make writing a habit

You know that blogging for your business takes time, dedication and lots of effort.

You have all the right content ideas and even the skills to publish awesome content for your readers.

But the thing is, you don’t do it consistently.

I struggle with it too. We all do.

So, how do we fix this?

Make writing a daily habit.

The biggest challenge of blogging is creating quality content, consistently. (Now there’s a mouthful!)

There was a time where I thought that great content was the result of some inspirational moment, a stroke of genius that blessed the author and that writing was best done when you were “in the right mood”.

But I quickly learned that writing is work. Hard work sometimes. And if I only waited to write when I was “in the mood” or “inspired” then I would never get any writing done. Neither would you. 

Practice Makes Perfect

make writing a habit


Writing is a learned skill. Sure, others may naturally be better than some but for the most part, you can learn how to write.

The best way to make writing as habitual as brushing your teeth or eating your breakfast is by making a plan and committing to the goal of making it a habit.

Once the habit is formed, writing great blog content can be done on autopilot. Since you’ll have had tons of practice, writing becomes less of a chore and more of just another thing you do for your business.

Just Keep It Simple

In order to make writing a daily habit, you need to make it simple. You know how it goes—you’re sparked with a moment of motivation to hit the gym, so you go out and kit yourself up with the latest gym gear (bag included!). You just know that you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Your first workout is ah-mazing. You rocked the free weights, ran more miles than you thought you could and finished the night off with some soothing yoga. Needless to say, your first workout was intense—so when you feel like a truck hit you the next day, you figure taking a one day break is okay. You’ll go back to the gym tomorrow.

But then you don’t.

You know why?

Because habits aren’t formed in one day. They’re not guaranteed to work because you spent wads of cash on the latest and greatest accessories and apps.

Forming a habit really just takes time and many small efforts.

Write Your Goal Down

make writing a habit

It’s kind of crazy how something as simple as writing out our goals can be so damn effective.

One of my goals for the year is to write at least one hour every day (outside of client work).

If you want to write daily, then write that down.

If you want to publish one high-quality blog post per week, then write that down too.

If you want to write one page per day for an e-book idea that’s been floating around in your head, guess what? Write it down!

The point here is that visualizing your goals is what will help you form the habit.

You only have to do this once, then move onto execution.

Create a Trigger List

Let’s say your goal is to write one high-quality blog post per week. The next step is to figure out all the necessary steps required to accomplish that. The process doesn’t have to be complicated, but know that it will be repetitive—one step sets off the next, and so forth and so forth, hence the name of trigger list.

Writing a blog post usually looks like this:

  • Come up with topic
  • Create post outline
  • Write intro
  • Write first subhead (repeat until all necessary subheads are complete)
  • Write summary
  • Create at least 3 attention-grabbing headlines

The beauty of this is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be done in this order. Sometimes I write the headlines first, or begin with the intro. As long as I pick on item off my trigger list to complete everyday, by the end of one cycle, I’ll have one quality blog post ready for publishing!

That’s how you slowly but surely, start making writing a daily habit. 

Time It Right

Here’s the thing about building habits—you have to set time aside for them. Schedule them into your daily routine. You brush your teeth in the morning and before bed, right?

Writing should be scheduled the same way.

Since I’m working full-time and side gigging, evenings work best for me. 30 minutes after dinner and 30 minutes after my daughter goes to bed. I would love to say that I write early in the morning, but I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember, so writing in the AM will only work if mornings start at 10! Ha!

The point is, choosing a schedule that is actually attainable and sustainable is the key here. If I forced myself to wake up early to write, then the habit would never stick.

The other notable point is that I’ve scheduled my personal writing to occur after consistent daily events—when dinner is done and when my daughter goes to bed. Those two things happen every, single day. And now so will my writing sessions.

Not only that, but breaking the writing up in chunks of 30 minutes makes it more manageable (hello Pomodoro effect!). I also feel less guilty about taking that time to work while my daughter is awake. She already says I work too much!

Now Just Do It

make writing a habit

Now that you’ve sorted out your writing plan and schedule, it’s time to just GSD. I don’t know about you but it’s not my surroundings that distract me, it’s usually the tech. The number of open tabs can get frightening, so if you find yourself in the same situation, there are (of course) some tech tools to help you with the distraction of tech!

  • StayFocusda Chrome extension that blocks out the entire internet, restricting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.
  • Facebook Feed Eradicator – if you can’t handle the thought of blocking out the entire internet, this Chrome extension replaces your Newsfeed with motivational quotes.
  • Be Limitless – it puts your productivity on blast but in a beautiful way. It displays your time-wasters and offers suggestions on how to improve your productivity.
  • Get Shit Done – an app that adds a little humour to tackling your to-do list. It times your tasks like a movie trailer and throws in some tough love to keep you task.

Final Words

Now you know how to make blogging for your business a daily habit. You don’t have to publish everyday (and let’s face it, unless you have a team of writers at your disposal, who really has time to do that?) but you do have to work writing into your daily life, just like any other habit.

It may take a few weeks to warm up your creative brain, but once you do, it won’t be long before you start to seeing the results you want from your business blog!

What’s stopped you from making writing a daily habit? Let me know in a comment below!

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Jennee Rasavong

Jennee Rasavong is a content marketer who helps solopreneurs and startups connect with their online audience and shine bright like the awesome brand that they are. She crafts simplified, uncomplicated web content like in-depth blog posts, website copy and email newsletters.

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